The AngularJS-Poster.

    Best Practices and conventions for decent AngularJS programming.
    Here you can download the new AngularJS poster as PDF (.pdf, about 6MByte). We offer a free printed version (format DIN A0) for interested people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    Our new AngularJS poster will help you to get along with current programming conventions in AngularJS 1.x applications. The poster's purpose is to explain the motives behind these conventions to help you understand AngularJS even better. On top of that, it will be helpful regarding the upcoming AngularJS 2 framework.

    The selected topics are based on John Papa's Angular Style Guide. Here, we made a survey among the AngularJS community to find out the most relevant topics for your work and collected feedback from JavaScript developers participating from all over the world.

    The result is now available for you to download.

    A hint for fellow developers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland: We are happy to ship your free printed copy to your home.

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